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Welcome to the retorte laboratories (aka my private playground). Behold our latest software projects or tentacle monster experiments.


  • Working on a swarm simulator.

Tools / Projects

Some recent noteworthy tools and pet projects I did for fun in my spare time.

Retorte Koordinator
A Google Maps modification which facilitates the work with different coordinate systems (Swissgrid/CH1903, WGS84 world coordinates, UTM, Gauss-Krüger).

Retorte IntervalMusicCompositor (Download) and IntervalMusicCompositor Android app
Software to create randomized extract compilations from a set of music tracks.

Retorte Publicitor (discontinued by end of 2017)
A generic publication platform for clubs and organizations (Sample).

Retorte TextSynthesizor (Download)
A random text generator which analyzes entered text and creates similar new text. Based on the theory of markov chains.

Retorte SensorSamplor
A generic data sampling software which I use mainly to turn Raspberry Pi devices into distributed sensor nodes / data loggers.

Retorte Assignator
Software to determine person to event assignments loosely based on the stable marriage algorithm.


The pictures are stored in this place:


Nico Waldispühl

Nico Waldispühl lives in Olten and works as a software engineer in Zurich.
Favorite objects of interest: computers, books, orienteering, photography, tentacles, obscure technology projects, and getting things done.


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